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What is PEFC forest certification

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is an international forest certification system promoting ecologically, socially and economically sustainable forestry throughout the world. Approximately ten percent of the world’s forests are certified and of these two thirds - about 300 million hectares - to PEFC standards. PEFC-certified forests are found in tens of different countries.

Forest management requirements for PEFC certification

To meet PEFC certification requirements forest management must satisfy certain standards with regard to biodiversity, forest health and maintenance as well as recreational use. In addition, there are requirements for following the passage of raw materials and wood-based products throughout the whole supply chain. These guarantee that raw materials are from certified forests.

Approval for certification requires audit by an independent and qualified certifier to ensure that forest management, wood raw material sources and follow-up meet PEFC standards. Independent in this case means that the auditing body is independent of the production process, of the certification system and its supporters. That the requirements for certification are being met is the role of the certification body, which has been officially declared independent and competent.

PEFC-certified products, their packaging and documentation can be recognized through the PEFC logo. A company can obtain a Logo Usage License when the company’s activities have been certified.